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Research Nights Fall 2016

Fall 2016 marked University 101's second annual Research Night. Freshman student participants shared the results of their semester research projects on Tuesday, November 15th and Thursday, November 17th with the university community. Each evening included an opportunity for students to be judged for Outstanding Posters. The following are the results of this competition for each evening:

Tuesday Night: November, 15 Results 

Student Place UNIV 101 Instructor
Kimberly Leong 1st Kaitlin Ohde
Kaila Ward 2nd Susannah Moore
Baylee Reeves 3rd Kaitlin Ohde
Jean Flaherty 3rd Susannah Moore
Samantha Sparks Honorable Mention Alexis Hauck
Adrian Bugarin Honorable Mention Brittany Dorn
Aaron Lichtenberg Honorable Mention Nicole Justice
Evanaleen Arabe Honorable Mention Brittany Dorn
Katelyn Donovan Honorable Mention Stephanie Persutte-Manning

Thursday Night: November, 17 Results

Student Place UNIV 101 Instructor
Morgan Patton 1st Jiyoung Park
Amina Badaso 2nd Brittany Dorn
Stephen Bauers 3rd Stephanie Persutte-Manning
Yonathan Silva Castillo 3rd Brittany Dorn
Ruqyah Sweidan 3rd Jesseca Manson
Riley Barela Honorable Mention Kaitlin Ohde
Marissa Maikell Honorable Mention Kaitlin Ohde
Jessica Perez Honorable Mention Brittany Dorn
Kaity Fisher Honorable Mention Christopher Ward
Jihyun Shim Honorable Mention Kaitlin Ohde
Jesse Hull Honorable Mention Bonnie Nicholson