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Research Nights Fall 2015

Fall 2015 was University 101's inaugural Research Night. Freshman student participants shared the results of their semester research projects on Monday November 16th and Wednesday November 18th with the university community. Each evening included an opportunity for students to be judged for Outstanding Posters. The following are the results of this competition for each evening:

Monday Night Results: November 16, 2015

Student Place UNIV 101 Instructor
Hillary Hanson 1st Jesseca Manson
Luke Mullins 2nd Jesseca Manson
Adrian Quinones 3rd Stephanie Pergantis
Jessica Slocomb Honorable Mention Brett Nichols
Katherine Haynes Honorable Mention Brett Wilkinson
Jose J. Perez Honorable Mention Stephanie Pergantis
Sarah Mercado Honorable Mention AE Nash
Amanda Rice Honorable Mention Jesseca Manson

Wednesday Night Results: November 18, 2015

Student Place UNIV 101 Instructor
Bridget Cavuoti 1st Kiersten Eberle
Renee Ortiz 2nd Bradley Crookston
Dorothy Agyemang 3rd Stephanie Pergantis
JB Loucks Honorable Mention Kiersten Eberle
Amber Robinson Honorable Mention Nicole Swanson