Fall 2015

Cover photo: UNC's new Brewing Laboratory Science program takes a close-up, chemist's view of an age-old craft and offers UNC students an innovative degree option.
Photo by UNC Creative Services

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Editor's Note
What's in a name? The decision to retitle Northern Vision as UNC Magazine is more than a new name and updated cover design. Our goal is for readers to immediately recognize UNC in every story told and photo shared. We want readers to reconnect with the campus they remember and grow with the institution that UNC has become — the university that trained one third of Colorado�s teachers of the year, produced 25 Broadway performers, and coached over 400 All-American student athletes. Northern Vision is present in profiles of faculty, research and community impact, but the full collection of campus stories is best represented by our moniker — UNC. Remain connected and informed between semiannual issues of UNC Magazine when you subscribe to UNC Monthly e-news. Send your subscription information and magazine comments to UNCMagazine@unco.edu.