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Welcome to the University of Northern Colorado campus, recognized as a Tree Campus USA for its commitment to tree preservation, care and community involvement.

Each day, visitors, students and community members travel the sidewalks of UNC’s landscape and pass by trees that have grown here for decades, sheltering and shading the many who have walked this way before. One silver maple, planted in the 1890s, has literally grown with the campus, standing sentinel through UNC’s history.

With nearly 3,700 trees gracing UNC paths, this guide of three tree tours will help you find and learn about some of the most unique species growing here. Whether you’re walking the trails beneath the leafy green canopies of summer, the bright shades of autumn, the bare-branched trees of winter or the blossom-laden trees of spring, we hope you’ll enjoy the long-standing and continuing commitment UNC has for its green spaces, landscapes and natural beauty.

By the Numbers


the year it’s believed the first tree, possibly an American Elm, was planted on campus (It was a gift from the graduating class)

246 Acres

of campus canvassed on foot to identify and catalog the trees

57 Days

it took McDonald and Engel to take tree inventory in 2013

$19.6 million

estimated value of campus tree population

1,269 trees on campus in 1988

3,695 trees on campus as of 2013

4 state
champion trees

judged by their size, from the Colorado Tree Coalition:


(1,255) are native Colorado species


green ash trees the most of any species on campus