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Eligible Dependents

An insured student's Dependents (spouse, and children) are eligible to participate in the Student Health Insurance Plan. Dependent enrollment must take place at the initial time of student's enrollment or beginning with the next enrollment period, with the exception of newborn or adopted children. Dependent coverage is available only if the student is also insured. Dependent coverage cannot exceed the coverage of the insured student and expires concurrently with that of the insured student.

A Dependent means:

  • The insured student's spouse
  • The insured student's children under the age of 26 years
  • The insured student's children to age 26 who are not defined as dependents under the age of 26 who have the same legal residence as the insured student or the insured student's spouse or are financially dependent on the insured student or the insured students spouse
  • Eligible children are the insured student;s own children, stepchildren, or lawfully adopted children who may have been placed with the insured student for the purposes of adoption.

Eligible Students who wish to add Dependents to their Student Health Insurance Plan must contact the Insurance office to enroll these individuals. The premium for Dependents is in addition to the insured student's premium. Dependent premiums will be added to the students UNC bill.

Note: Dependent coverage must be renewed in the Insurance Office each semester and is contingent on the student's eligibility status.