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Our Community

UNC students are diverse and hard-working, and there is no one “label” that defines them. Their unique talents, interests, and ambitions enrich the university’s culture and provide an environment unlike any other. More than 40 percent of UNC undergraduates are the first in their family to go to college and more than one-quarter are eligible for federal need-based financial aid. Of all UNC students, more than 30 percent identify as students of color.

UNC faculty are experts in their fields; they are scholars who engage their students in research, scholarship, and creative works, and who share knowledge beyond the classroom learning experience. Because of the interaction with faculty, there is great potential for UNC undergraduate and graduate students to participate in high-impact practices and hands-on learning for exceptional opportunities and a personalized education.

UNC staff work across all facets of the university, partnering with faculty and supporting students with professional expertise, guidance, and resources. They are integral to the community’s caring culture and are leaders in the university’s efforts to meet strategic goals, ensure student success, and apply innovative ideas to complex challenges.

UNC alumni often say the connections they forged with faculty made a huge difference not only when they were at UNC, but long after, as they traveled their career and life paths. That partnership and community is something the university takes great pride in — a culture that is welcoming, collaborative, supportive, and committed to student success, service, and education.

UNC Students at Homecoming


Our Values: A Students First University

The university believes that its distinctive service to society can only be offered in a student-centered atmosphere of integrity grounded in honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. For this reason, the university is committed to promoting an environment with six central values:

  1. Academic integrity is valued and expected
  2. Excellence is sought and rewarded
  3. Teaching and learning flourish
  4. Diversity of thought and culture is respected
  5. Intellectual freedom is preserved
  6. Equal opportunity is afforded

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The diversity within UNC is a distinct advantage that the university celebrates and nurtures. Learning occurs through meaningful discussion of shared and different experiences, viewpoints, and ideas because our community of Bears is comprised of individuals with many different perspectives and identities. UNC believes in providing access and educating the community, empowering individuals, and developing leaders and responsible global citizens. Students learn and grow in a spirit of multiculturalism with resources and support services that enhance the student experience.

Cultural and Resource Centers

*Numbers taken from the Fall 2020 Final Enrollment Report

Five Colleges

Five Colleges


More than
100 Academic Programs



86% of incoming first-year students are awarded grants or scholarships

First Gen

42% of all UNC students are
first-generation (degree seeking students)


Total University Enrollment
9,881 Students
6,979 Undergraduate
2,902 Graduate
Fall 2021

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