The Social Research Lab (SRL) at the University of Northern Colorado has recently finished a scale validation project for Influence 360. Influence 360 and its founder Connie Dieken, believe in non-manipulative leadership, opting rather for influence leadership. In short, Influence 360 believes, and encourages clients to believe, that if one is a good enough leader, there is no need for manipulation or persuasion. Honing in on influence leadership skills and gaining long-term respect from employees will result in a more harmonious working environment and the achievement of company goals more completely and more quickly.

Scale validation is a process in which a third party company, like the SRL, tests the validity and reliability of a survey. In the case of Influence 360, Ms. Dieken developed the questions used to measure influence leadership. Ms. Dieken enlisted the SRL to ensure that her scale was accurate. The partnership between the SRL and Influence 360 resulted in a scientifically sound scale that was immediately ready for Ms. Dieken to deploy and begin using with clients.

Dr. Josh Packard, faculty supervisor of the SRL, discusses why scale validation is vital in the business world and an important practice to invest in. “A lot of people develop their own scales, but don’t have them tested. So they don’t know if they’re measuring what they want to measure. That’s why they come to us.  We have the expertise and experience to create market-ready instruments that are scientifically sound,” Packard said.

The Social Research Lab at the University of Northern Colorado was founded in 2007 and has experience conducting a wide array of research projects including market research, focus groups, policy analyses, report writing, program evaluation, phone, mail and email surveys, interviews, needs assessments and quality of life studies.  The SRL is staffed by professionally trained, unbiased researchers who tailor projects to the unique needs of individual clients in the public and private sectors.

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