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The Wider Lens

The Social Research Lab at the University of Northern Colorado was founded in 2007 and has experience conducting a wide array of research projects including market research, focus groups, policy analyses, report writing, program evaluation, phone, mail and email surveys, interviews, needs assessments and quality of life studies.  The SRL is staffed by professionally trained, unbiased researchers who tailor projects to the unique needs of individual clients in the public and private sector.

This blog serves as a way for the SRL to share its experiences. Through this blog and our other social media platforms, we strive to teach companies and businesses in both the public and private sectors how relevant sociology is to their overall success. 

Contact the Social Research Lab at srl@unco.edu for a free project consultation.

Executive Director: Dr. Josh Packard

Lead Research Director: Megan Bissell

Researcher: Madison Schoephoerster

Sociology in the Public Sphere

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SRL Partnership with Colorado League of Charter Schools

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The Importance of Prepping for a Meeting

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Best Practices: Social Media

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