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Title IX Syllabus Statement

The University of Northern Colorado is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students that is free of all forms of discrimination and sexual harassment, including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.  If you (or someone you know) has experienced or experiences any of these incidents, know that you are not alone.  UNC has staff members trained to support you in navigating campus life, accessing health and counseling services, providing academic and housing accommodations, helping with legal protective orders, and more.

Please be aware all UNC faculty and  most staff members are “responsible employees,” which means that if you tell a faculty member about a situation involving sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking, they mustshare that information with the Title IX Coordinator, Larry Loften.   Larry or a trained staff member in the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC) will contact you to let you know about accommodations and support services at UNC as well as your options for pursuing a process to hold accountable the person who harmed you. You are not required to speak with OIEC staff regarding the incident; your participation in OIEC processes are entirely voluntary.

If you do not want the Title IX Coordinator notified, instead of disclosing this information to your instructor, you can speak confidentially with the following people on campus and in the community. They can connect you with support services and help explore your options now, or in the future.

If you are a survivor or someone concerned about a survivor, or if you would like to learn more about sexual misconduct or report an incident, please visit www.unco.edu/sexual-misconduct or contact the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance at 970-351-4899.  OIEC is located on the third floor of the University Center in room 3060.