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Paw Points

Paw Points are our way of recognizing community council’s hard work within the halls. The president submits them weekly. Paw Points help communities win Community of the week. The hall with the most points submitted each week will get to take the COW home and show it off to residents. Also at the end of each semester Paw Points could earn your community some great prizes!

There will be many spontaneous opportunities for Paw Points check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn about catch them when they happen.

Paw Points Tracker


Paw Point Values

  • Community Organized Service Project 5 points
  • NRHH/RHA Service Project 3 points
  • IACURH Regional Philanthropy 2 points
  • President, RHA Reps attend RHA meeting 2 points
  • General Council members attend RHA 1 point per person max 4 points
  • Volunteer at concessions 2 points per volunteer
  • Volunteer at an RHA Program 2 points per volunteer
  • Resident serving as an Exec-IT 3 points
  • Community recognizes Facilities/Custodial Staff 3 points
  • Community recognizes HRE staff 3 points
  • OTM Submission 2 points per OTM max 8 points
  • POW Submission 1 point per POW max 5 points
  • Community Council hosted a program 5 points
  • Community Council collaborated with another community or organization on a program 7 points
  • GC members at CC meeting 1 point per resident
  • Publish a Newsletter 3 points
  • Attend UNC sporting event 1 point per person max 5 points
  • Attend PVA event 1 point per person max 5 points
  • Dress up to the theme 1 point per person max 5 points
  • Attend an RHA or NRHH Event 1 point per person max 5points
  • Win Snazzy 3 points
  • Get BINGO 1 point per BINGO
  • Guess playlist of the week correctly 1 point
  • Apply to a conference 1 point per application
  • Attend a conference 3 points per delegate
  • Present a program at a conference 5 points per program
  • Receive the POW 2 points