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RHA Committees

RHA offers a variety of ad-hoc committees (top) and annual committees (bottom) to participate in every year! Below you will see the committee description and the RHA Executive  who chairs the committee.

Advocacy Committee

Advocacy Committee will work to make positive change on campus for residents, students, and all members of the University of Northern Colorado’s community. The Advocacy Committee will gather feedback from an online form and paper forms from residents and community members. The projects that Advocacy Committee will work on will be a collaborative effort between the members of the committee and relevant campus partners.

For more information contact Alec Keiser

Social Justice Committee

The RHA Social Justice Committee is dedicated to introducing and exploring the world of social justice, diversity, and inclusion for the UNC community. Throughout the year we will create various diversity campaigns, engage in volunteering projects, and do programs to help improve the overall campus climate and increase competency around areas of equity and inclusion.

For more information contact Courtney Kramer

Bid Committee

Bids are a great way to show our pride for the amazing things we do here at UNC. Our mission is to make bid writing open and available to all members of the General Council of the Residence Hall Association and Community Councils. By seeking collaboration amongst the RHA General Council, we will increase leadership opportunities on campus and on the regional level for students hoping to become more involved in RHA, IACURH, and NACURH.

For more information contact Mallory Gibson

Community Service

The Civic Engagement Committee focuses on aiding community councils in their community service based programs. The committee comes together to find acts of service needed in the University of Northern Colorado and Greeley communities.

For more information contact Dakkota Naeb

Assessment Committee

The RHA Assessment Committee is here to lay the groundwork for the re-writing of a new strategic plan in the coming years. We will be assessing the effectiveness of programming, RHA business meetings, initiatives, and overall structure of RHA. It's encouraged that if this is NOT your first year in RHA that you consider joining this committee, HOWEVER - this committee is open to both new and veteran members of RHA. We will seek throughout the year to identify strengths in our organization as well as work toward mending our weaknesses.

For more information contact Elizabeth Adams

Presidents Council

The President's Council meets after Residence Hall Association meetings on Monday nights. This council is made up of Community Council Presidents, the Leadership Development Coordinator, and the RHA President. Presidents Council meets to build rapport between Residence Halls on campus and transfer information.

For more information contact April Getz

Programmers Council

Programmer's Council focuses mainly on supporting the Community Council programmers and the programs that each of their individual halls and communities put on. We talk about how to create better programs, how to make programs more successful, how to advertise and so much more! Even though the programmers from each Community Council are required to sit on Programer's Council, anyone can join!

For more information contact Abigail Mielke