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Notice of Intent                                                          ORSP Twitter

PIs/PDs who plan to submit a grant proposal to an external sponsor should inform ORSP as early as possible. The information provided on the Notice of Intent (NOI) form allows ORSP to schedule and coordinate work with PIs/PDs on preparing the proposal for submission.

Please complete as many fields of the form as are known at this time.

enter the name of the PI/PD (required field)

e.g., For Faculty: Prof, Assoc Prof, Asst Prof, Instructor, Lecturer. For Staff: Director, Associate Director, Assistant Director. (required field)

PI/PD's home school, department, or office (required field)

required field

PI's email address (required field)

the department or school that will administer the grant–this may or may not be the same as the 'PI/PD's School/Dept/Unit' (required field)

Enter the email address of your Chair/Director/Unit Leader (required field)

Enter an email address for your College. This may be the dean, associate/assistant dean, or business manager. Inquire with your college (required field).

List UNC co-PIs to be included on proposal.

Enter a descriptive, if tentative, title... this can be changed.

Enter the approximate total to be requested... this can be changed.

Enter the time period for the project: mm/yy - mm/yy... this can be changed.

Please select the type of activity you plan to undertake.

Prime or Sub

Will UNC submit your proposal directly to the funding agency? (UNC is the Prime applicant.)


Are you working with another institution or organization that will include your scope of work and budget with a proposal they will submit to the funding agency? (UNC is a Sub applicant.)

Funding Agency Info

Enter the name of the funding agency or sponsor. (required field)

If known, as it appears on application guidelines or funding agency website.

Only enter info if UNC is submitting your proposal through another institution/agency to the sponsor.

If there is no deadline, indicate your planned submission date. (required field)

If not online, send a copy to OSP.

If the answer is yes, identify all such organizations or institutions.

If the answer is yes, identify the other UNC personnel, including students if applicable.

A draft narrative must be ready at least three weeks before the sponsor deadline. If yes, you will be contacted for additional information.

Check all that apply.