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New Project Program (NPP)

The New Project Program (NPP) provides grants to UNC faculty members for the startup of new research and creative projects. On-going work will not be considered for NPP funding. Preference will be given to initial or pilot work intended to result in external funding to support continuation and expansion of the research.

Please note that there is a new process and guidelines for NPP. Please read this guide before applying. 

Intent To Apply For NPP

This form must be filled out in order to apply for the NPP grant. If you do not fill out this form you will not be able to apply. Please contact Trisha Brinton with any questions. 

Provide your first name

Provide your last name

Please provide your College or Department Name

Please provide the name of the person who has signature authority for this proposal.

Please provide your ORG number. If you are unsure please contact the administrative assistant for your area or the Office of Research

Please check the box to inform our office of your intent to apply.


Proposal Submissions Deadlines

For further information on when to apply, see the UNC Internal Grant Matrix and the UNC Internal Grants Timeline

General Funding Priorities

Proposal Evaluation will give particular consideration to proposals that address the following priority areas:

  • promote long-lasting scholarly, professional or artistic development of UNC faculty members
  • develop and write proposals for externally funded fellowships, grants and contracts
  • use technology and other strategies in pedagogy such as enhancement/enrichment pedagogy
  • assist faculty to intern with industry, government or service agencies, institutes or foundations
  • encourage UNC students' professional involvement or civic engagement through community-based research projects
  • contribute to UNC's mission to internationalize and enhance overall academic experience of students and faculty by increasing the faculty's exposure to international experiences

NPP Award Recipients

Internal Award Budget Guidelines

The Internal Budget Guidelines provide a consistent method for handling internal awards to accommodate new university budget guidelines; they apply to Provost Fund Grants, FRPB Grants, OSP Travel Grants, and Summer Support Initiative Awards.