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Faculty Teaching Reassignment for RSCW

2018-2019 Guidelines

The Faculty Teaching Reassignment for RSCW Program offers one-course faculty teaching releases to give faculty members a concentrated assignment in research, scholarship, and creative works (RSCW) during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Colleges establish their own deadlines, specify any additional selection criteria beyond Awardee Minimum Criteria, implement an invitation process for applicants, and make awards with input from their leadership teams (e.g., a standing or ad hoc advisory group might include school directors, chairs, and representative faculty). 

Dean’s offices must return the awardee data using the Faculty Teaching Reassignment for RSCW Cover Sheet for each application recommended for an award to the Office of Research prior to notifying the awardees. The Office of Research and the AVPR will review college recommendations, send a formal award letter, and assist college business managers in setting up the awards.