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Independent Study Courses

Independent study courses (also known as correspondence or home study) are offered through Extended Campus to UNC and Non-UNC students. Specific questions about Independent Study courses can be directed to Extended Campus/Independent Study Program at 970-351-2944 or 800-232-1749 or email indeps.desk@unco.edu. The Independent Study Guide is available on the Extended Campus website

Unless otherwise noted in the course description, you may begin an Independent Study course at any time and study at a pace that fits your schedule. Unless your syllabus/study guide states otherwise, you are automatically allowed one year (12 months) from the date of enrollment to complete your course(s).

Drop/Withdrawal Policy: The drop deadline for Independent Study courses are based on the registration date and the amount of time to completion deadline (10%). You will receive a full refund, credited to your UNC student account and refunded via check. The withdrawal deadline for this course is based on the registration date and the amount of time to completion deadline (50%). There is no refund for a withdrawal, full tuition is owed.

Tuition & Fees:

  • Course materials costs (textbooks, CDs, etc.) are purchased and paid for separately.
  • You will be billed for the cost of your course tuition.
  • Independent Study courses are over and above your regular campus tuition rates and schedule.
  • Tuition for the course is listed in the course description on the Extended Campus webpage.

Independent Study courses are not College Opportunity Fund (COF) supported and may not be eligible for financial aid; for more information contact the Office of Financial Aid, 970-351-2502.

Your enrollment will be reported to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse during the semester of initial registration. Enrollment will not be reported for any subsequent semesters in which your course continues.

Any student requesting disability accommodation for this class must inform the instructor giving appropriate notice. Students are encouraged to contact Disability Support Services at 970-351-2289 to certify documentation of disability and to ensure appropriate accommodations are implemented in a timely manner.