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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

Year End Deadlines

April 1st

Large Furniture Purchases

Requests to purchase office furniture must be submitted to Purchasing by end of business day.

May 16th

Purchases Requiring a Bid

Purchases that will need to be bid must be submitted to Purchasing by end of business day.

June 1st

FY22 Purchase Requisitions

Requests for purchases of Goods under $10,000 and Services under $25,000 must be submitted to Purchasing by end of business day to ensure receipt and completion by June 30th.

 June 10th

  • Purchase Requisitions for FY23

Requisitions for FY23 purchases can be sent to Purchasing beginning today.  Please write FY23 in the upper right hand corner of the form.

  • Standing Order Transfer Forms

The form to transfer Standing PO's into FY23 must be submitted to Purchasing by the end of the day.

  • Final Day for FY22 UNC Visa Purchases 

It is recommended that PCard transactions be completed by the end of the business day.  Be aware that even if a PCard transaction is completed by this date, we cannot guarantee that the vendor will post the PCard transaction for payment by June 20th.

June 20th

Last Day of Wells Fargo UNC Visa Billing Cycle for FY22 

Any charges not posted by this date become FY23 transactions.

June 24th

Last Day to Reallocate UNC Visa Transactions 

Reallocation within the Wells Fargo online system must be complete by the end of the business day.

July 6th

Check Requests, Invoices, Per Diem, Travel, Other Reimbursements 

All payments and reimbursements are due to Accounts Payable by end of business.  Anything received after will require Controller approval in order to be processed as an FY22 payment.