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Students First Framework Taskforce Membership

October 06, 2021

Dear UNC faculty, students, and staff,

On behalf of President Feinstein and my cabinet colleagues, I am pleased to announce the membership of the two new taskforces created to support our Students First Framework.

The Admissions and Recruitment Taskforce will be co-chaired by Arte Libunao, Executive Director, Extended Campus and Bret Naber, Interim AVP of Enrollment Management. Members include: Amanda Rutter, Maggie Shawcross, Dave Fedorchak, Chris Marston, Sher Gibbs, Susan Wheeler, Jenna Finley, and Rebecca OBrien.

The Graduation and Retention Taskforce is co-chaired by Stephanie Torrez, AVP for Student Success and Jared Stallones, Dean, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences.

Members include: Ginger Fisher, Victoria Terranova, Cristóbal Garcia, Gardiner Tucker, Phil Wyperd, Santos Cortez, Sonia Schaible Brandon, David Slykhuis, and Aisha Gallion.

We continue to seek student volunteers for both groups. It is critically important for student voices to be included, so please do not hesitate to submit nominations to Provost.Office@unco.edu.

Please join me in thanking everyone who has volunteered for this important work.



Lisa Vollendorf, Ph.D.

Interim Provost