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Marva Johnson

Marva Johnson


Department of ASL & Interpreting Studies
College of Education & Behavioral Science

 Marva Johnson,  

began her professional interpreting career in 1999.  As a Heritage Signer and freelance sign language professional, she maintains a full interpreting schedule in Kentucky mainly Louisville. She prides herself in being a life-long learner. Marva received her associate's degree from Harrison College in Evansville, in Criminal Justice. Her specialties include legal interpreting and mental health interpreting. Marva is currently involved with Project CLIMB (Cultivating Legal Interpreters from Minority Backgrounds) which afforded her the opportunity to participate in an ad hoc national advisory body tasked with identifying Knowledge, Skills,and Abilities (KSA) essential for court interpreting. In addition, Marva has completed the week-long intensive Mental Health Interpreter Training Project in Alabamas as well as numerous legal training.