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Kelly Decker

Kelly Decker


Department of ASL & Interpreting Studies
College of Education & Behavioral Science

Professional/Academic Experience

Kelly Decker, Certified Interpreter, Vermont. Kelly is highly invested in the development of the interpreting field. Since 2005, Kelly has been working throughout Region I in private practice. She is engaged in leadership at the local, regional and national level of the interpreting profession. She has coordinated and implemented countless community based projects and events primarily focusing on social justice and Deaf-parented interpreters. Her articles regarding ethics in teaming and how interpreters frame the task of interpreting can be found on Street Leverage. Kelly‚Äôs article, co-authored with Betty Colonomos, tilted Mastery in Mentoring is available via the RID VIEWS.  As an Integrated Model of Interpreting (IMI) practitioner, Kelly is involved in the dedicated practice of reflective dialogue at the Etna Project.