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The Mentoring ToolKit


Welcome to the Legal Interpreter Mentoring Toolkit! Here you can find a variety of resources that can be used by legal interpreting mentors and/or aspiring legal interpreter practitioners who practice sign language interpreting. 

The resources are organized into two parts:

1) Descriptions of learning and practice activities related to specific skills and knowledge legal interpreters need to master, and 

2) Resource material, such as transcripts, jury instructions, articles of interest, videos of legal texts in both ASL and English, among other things.

The description of learning and practice activities can be applied to various resource materials. You are encouraged to investigate and explore the described activities in concert with the materials/resources to expand the competencies of practitioners working in legal settings.

Skills Development

If you need General Interpreting Skills Practice Activities...


If you need  Legal Interpreting Skills Practice Activities...


The following resources may be used to support the skills practice activities identified in the General Interpreting Skills and Legal Interpreting Skills  area of the mentoring toolkit listed above.

Additional Resources to Support Skills Practice Activities