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The work of Project CLIMB is dependent on the dedication of the

individuals and organizations listed below.

They have our gratitude for their substantial contribution to our work.


  • Nkiki Akunwafor
  • Marie Alford, NIC
  • Dr. Melissa Anderson
  • Dr. Anthony Aramburo Ph.D., NAD IV, IC/TC 
  • Arkady Belozovsky, CDI, CLIP-R
  • Dr. Jeremy Brunson Ph.D., CI, CT, SC:L
  • Marlene Coleman
  • Betty Colonomos, MCSC
  • Kelly Decker, NIC Advanced
  • Marissa Elkins, Esq.
  • Kellynette Gomez
  • Claudia Gordon, Esq.
  • The Honorable Judge Charles Groce
  • Dr. Sanjay Gulati
  • Jo Linda Greenfield, NAD V, TC, CI, CT, SC:L, NIC-M
  • Bryan Horch, CI, CT
  • Su Kyong Isakson, MA, NIC, Ed:K-12
  • Raymond Jacoub, Esq.
  • Marva Johnson, NIC
  • Marian Lage Mahoney, CI, CT, NIC-A
  • Sandra McClure, NIC, SC:L, ED: K-12
  • Anna Witter-Merithew M.Ed., CSC, CI, CT, OTC, SC:L, SC:PA
  • Bill Millios
  • Annette Miner, Ph.D., NIC-Master
  • Lianne Moccia, TC, CI, CT
  • Christine Nakahara, NIC
  • June Prusak, CDI, CLIP-R
  • Lamar Ray, CDI
  • Erick Regan
  • Jesus Remigio, CDI
  • Lesley Richardson, NAD V, NIC, SC:L
  • Dr. Lia Rohler
  • Arthur Richmond, CI, CT
  • Ryan Shepard, CDI, CLIP-R
  • Sammi Shupe
  • Erin Sanders-Sigmon, CDI
  • Fatima Silvestre, CDI, CLIP-R
  • Ronald Skip Thomas, CDI
  • Storm Smith
  • Cheryl Thomas, CI, CT, NAD V, NIC Master, SC:L
  • Dr. Rosemary Wanis Ph.D, CDI
  • Jacquelyn Lee-Washington, Esq.
  • Copper & Water
  • Roger Williams LMSW, CT, NAD V, QMHI-S
  • Marie Wood, Esq.
  • The Honorable Judge Daniel Wrenn
  • Natasha Wright, Esq.
  • Elisa Velez





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