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A Language That Will Take You Places

When you study German, you open the door to a vast world of professional and personal opportunities. Germany has the largest population, and the largest economy, in the European Union. With more than 120 million speakers worldwide, German is the language with the most native speakers in Europe. German-Americans are America’s largest single ethnic group and Germans make up the largest international tourist group to visit Colorado. Known as the land of poet and thinkers, Germany also has more cultural activities and places than any other country.

Our German program emphasizes practical skills and experiential learning. Limited to 25 students, classes are conducted only in German, immersing you in the language while providing valuable faculty-student interaction. At UNC, you’ll also find a strong sense of community with alumni, opportunities to practice your language skills in weekly conversation groups, a German film series, a German soccer club and the Greeley Oktoberfest, among many other culturally enriching opportunities. You can even embark on a life-changing adventure overseas and spend a year studying abroad at a German university.


David Caldwell, Ph.D.

Professor of German 


David Caldwell teaches courses in German language, culture and literature and is a co-founder of the Film Studies program. He's a frequent traveler to Germany, especially Berlin, and has conducted research and engaged in professional development activities in German studies and film studies under the auspices of the Fulbright Association and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Degree Options

The German emphasis of the Foreign Languages bachelor’s degree program offers two degree tracks: liberal arts and secondary teaching. Courses take a multi-disciplinary approach, combining aspects of Germany’s rich and often troubled heritage with contemporary issues in German life. All the while you’ll be asked to consider how these issues affect the future and your own role in society.

Liberal Arts

Gain a broad understanding of the German language, culture and history. As a liberal arts major you may choose to pursue graduate study in German or combine your language study with many other fields including business, political science, international trade and relations, history and the arts.

K-12 Teaching

As a graduate of the German teaching major, you’ll be qualified for State of Colorado licensure to teach German in secondary schools and for graduate study in German. Training includes development of pedagogical and organizational skills expected in the German teaching profession.

German Minor

As well as being culturally enriching, familiarity with a foreign language such as German can be a major advantage in the job market. Our German minor offers an excellent complement to almost any major and requires 25-27 credits to complete.

Related Programs

Your Future in German Language Study

In learning the German language, you’ll apply critical thinking skills while developing a deeper understanding of contemporary global issues, history and culture.

Consider UNC’s German B.A. if you want to:

  • Experience another culture through its language
  • Gain new perspectives on your own culture
  • Consider your role as a citizen of the world.

You’ll learn:

  • Verbal and written German language skills
  • German literature, film and culture
  • Contemporary issues in German society and its social and political systems
  • Foreign language pedagogy (secondary teaching track)

Sample courses:

  • German Civilization and Literature Survey
  • Politics and Society
  • German Cultural Identity
  • Language, Society and the Profession
  • Educational Psychology for Secondary Teachers (secondary teaching track)
  • Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages (secondary teaching track)

Beyond the Classroom

You’ll find many exciting opportunities to learn outside the classroom in UNC’s foreign language programs. And there are none more rewarding and enriching than a journey abroad where you can experience a different culture first hand. Our study abroad students can choose to spend one or two full semesters in Germany, with programs in Karlsruhe, Oldenburg and Cologne.

Where can your degree take you?

Whether you plan to pursue a career in business, technology, government or the arts, at home or abroad, there are unique benefits to studying German:


With the largest population and the largest economy in the E.U., Germany plays an important role in world business. Combine your German study with other majors to pursue careers in international business, world affairs, social work or the arts.


German is among the most important languages on the Web, with the .de domain (for Deutschland) ranking second only to .com. All German courses at UNC incorporate .de resources that help you learn the language and culture, as well as German computer culture.

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