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English Education for Teachers

UNC’s English Education Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program will deepen your knowledge of  literature and pedagogy. The course of study introduces new teaching skills, theories, and strategies. It also prepares you to engage in authentic, classroom-based research, preparing you to be an agent of change in both secondary and postsecondary classrooms. Your degree from UNC will also be a major advantage in the job market. Because of UNC’s long history as educators of educators, our faculty have a tremendous network of alumni and connections within the field, which provides our students with advantages and opportunities before and after graduation.

Degree Details

Credits Required:




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Degree Option

M.A.T. in English

UNC’s MAT in English Education is offers the choice of classes at our main campus in Greeley or the convenience of the online program via UNC's Extended Campus. You can complete the program in two to four years, depending on whether you study part- or full-time.

Degree Requirements

Student Designed Cognates 

You will direct your own program outcomes by building the course mix that suits your needs. Complete any six courses from the following UNC programs, selected by you in consultation with your MAT advisor. (Courses from other programs may be included with advisor approval.)

  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (ECLD)
  • Educational Psychology (PSY)
  • English (ENG)
  • Literacy (ELIT) or Reading (EDRD)
  • Special Education (EDSE)
  • Technology Innovation & Pedagogy (TIP)
  • Educational Foundations (EDF)

Related Education Programs

Your Future in English Education

With our small classes, faculty mentors, focus on real-world education and an intense, global study of English and literature, you’ll be prepared to teach and inspire your students. This is a unique program offering diverse perspectives that will enrich your education and career and open up new opportunities for leadership while having a positive influence in the lives of your students.

Consider UNC's M.A.T. in English if you are:

  • A classroom teacher who wants to your understanding of English Language Arts content and the latest trends in teaching and learning.
  • Looking for a customizable program designed to meet your interests, build on previous coursework, or investigate teaching challenges that you have experienced in your classroom.
  • Seeking a program that allows you to earn the qualifications to teach dual/concurrent enrollment classes to an endorsement in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education.

You’ll study:

  • How to design, evaluate and implement English curricula
  • Advanced concepts in literature, theory and language; the best practices for teaching composition, rhetoric, literature and linguistics
  • Effective leadership skills sought by school administrators
  • How to apply theory and research to everyday classroom challenges

Sample courses:

  • Teaching as Inquiry: Teacher Action Research in the ELA Classroom
  • The Brain and Education
  • Social and Emotional Learning in Educational Settings
  • Reading, Writing, and Teaching Ethnography
  • Genre Study: Fiction
  • Social Justice in the Digital Age
  • Pluralism in Education
  • Language, School and Society
  • Behavioral Interventions
  • New Literacies

Finding Answers to Complex Challenges

The MAT program at UNC transformed my understanding and appreciation for the influence that teachers can have on students. My program allowed me to engage with educational research and at the same time required me to apply that research to actual classrooms. I was given every opportunity to explore my areas of interest, while also gaining a foundational understanding of contemporary problems facing public education in the US. Moreover, I found a community of dedicated teachers that care about students and that care about me. I consider my community at UNC to be the most valuable resource to my career as a teacher.

Charlie McMartin, Hillside Junior High School, Boise, Idaho

“As an educator and a life-long learner, I needed a program that would help me be a better teacher and challenge me intellectually. UNC’s Master of Arts in Teaching program fulfilled both needs and the class scheduling was flexible enough that I could keep teaching while taking classes. The balance between pedagogy classes and English classes proved to be a perfect combination for someone like me who wants to continue her education and remain in the classroom setting for the long term.”

—Stacy Bailey, former middle-school teacher, currently a PhD candidate in Educational Psychology

Current Research

Motivating and Retaining the Murky Middle: A Social-Psychological Intervention

Jeraldine Kraver, Ph.D. and Stacy Bailey, Ph.D. Candidate in Educational Psychology

A grant-funded study of the twin engagement concepts of "mindsets" for learning and "perceived utility value" of learning. The goal of the project is the development of an intervention that facilitates students’ connection of immediate learning with long-term benefits and encourages their persistence in the face of the challenges associated with higher education.

Current Research

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