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A Short History of UNC

On April 1, 1889, the governor of Colorado signed the bill creating the State Normal School to train qualified teachers for the state's public schools. Greeley citizens raised the necessary money for the first building, and the cornerstone was laid on June 13, 1890. The school opened its doors on October 6 with a staff of four instructors and 96 students. Certificates were granted upon the completion of a two year course.

In 1911 the school's name was changed to Colorado State Teachers College by the state legislature. The college was then offering four years of undergraduate work and granting the Bachelor of Arts degree.

In 1935 the name of Colorado State College of Education was adopted to recognize the fully developed graduate program, which was started in 1913. Early in 1957 the state legislature approved shortening the name to Colorado State College. Again, to recognize the further growth of programs and offerings, in 1970 the name was changed once more, this time to the University of Northern Colorado.