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2019 State of the University Address
Hear what President Feinstein sees for UNC in the upcoming academic year. Watch the SOU

President's Leadership Council

President Andy Feinstein convened the President's Leadership Council in the fall of 2018 with the charge to provide advice, perspective and insight on matters of broad institutional significance and to assist in the effective, responsive, and informed leadership of UNC.  

During the 2019-20 academic year, the Council is serving as the steering committee for developing the university’s 10-year strategic plan, Rowing Not Drifting: 2020-2030.


  • President Andy Feinstein (co-chair) 
  • Provost Mark Anderson (co-chair)
  • Interim Assistant Vice President of Strategic Enrollment Sean Broghammer 
  • Athletic Director Darren Dunn 
  • Chief Diversity Officer and Assistant Vice President for Campus Community and Climate Tobias Guzmán 
  • News and Public Relations Director Nate Haas 
  • Vice President for University Advancement Allie Steg Haskett  
  • Professional Administrative Staff Council Chair Bryson Kelly 
  • Center for Human Enrichment Director Shawanna Kimbrough-Hayward  
  • Faculty Senate Chair Stan Luger 
  • Chief Information Officer Bret Naber 
  • Chief Financial Officer Michelle Quinn 
  • President’s Chief of Staff Gloria Reynolds 
  • Assistant to the President Lori Riley 
  • Vice President for Student Affairs Katrina Rodriguez 
  • Vice President and General Counsel Dan Satriana 
  • College of Education and Behavioral Sciences Dean Eugene Sheehan  
  • Graduate Student Association Representative David Shimokawa 
  • Classified Staff Council Chair Lindsay Snyder 
  • Student Senate President Michaella Tancayo 
  • Mathematical Sciences Associate Professor Oscar Levin
  • Anthropology Associate Professor and Chair Britney Kyle