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Action Teams

Each Action Team (AT) is responsible for prioritizing initiatives and activities in support of the strategic priority. Each team will dedicate attention and effort to improve desired outcomes and meet aligned goals and metrics for the priority.

Align Admissions to Vision

Objective 1

Develop, manage and execute a coordinated communication plan to minimize summer melt.

Summer Outcome

  • Set goals for admission counselors to convert unregistered admits to registered
  • Reduce summer melt by X%
  • Key drip points confirmed and aligned communication plan drafted and executed.

Objective 2

Enhance the role of student ambassadors & admissions counselors beyond campus visits to become integrated in onboarding efforts to reduce summer melt.

Summer Outcome

  • Track student/ counsel communication and interaction to identify what enhancements have the greatest effect
  • Reduce summer melt by X% (applies here and above

Objective 3

Develop admissions rep(s) within each College and define roles and responsibilities.

Summer Outcome

  • 100% of Chairs will have completed features/ benefits, outcomes worksheet provided by admissions by end of June.
  • Marketing will work with Deans to prioritize X programs per college and have material retooled and ready for roll out in September.

Team Members

  • Lyndsey Crum (Co-chair), AVP Alumni Relations
  • Kiki GIlderhus (Co-chair), Interim Dean of College of Performing & Visual Arts
  • Erin Datteri-Saboski, Director of New Student Orientation
  • Renee Welch, Director of Career Services
  • Aldo Romero, Director of Cumbres
  • Selene Ortiz, Student Senate
  • Hunter Wilson, Director of University Relations
  • Whitney Bonner, Associate Director of Admissions
  • Nathan Raugutt, Academic Advisor (MCB)
  • Adrina Pawlak, Coordinator of Outreach Financial Aid
  • Rudy Vargas., DREAMer Liaison

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