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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates | Fall 2021 Plans


Parking Services staff has resumed in person services at the University Center Information Desk. 

Annual Permits FAQ

What should I do with an expired permit?
Destroy the permit. Even expired permits link back to the original owner. To avoid a dispute over parking tickets which may not belong to you, destroy the permit to ensure no one will find your permit and try to use it.

How do I remove my window-sticker permit from my windshield?
Your student permit is a repositionable window permit which can be moved from one vehicle to another. You can simply peel the permit from your windshield. If you have issues feel free to contact us at Parking Services.

Can I buy a permit for one semester?

Starting this year, Parking Services is offering fall permit options for students. These permits will be valid August 1 – December 31 and the cost is half the price of the annual permit.

Student Permit: $142.50

Commuter Permit: $85 

Can I sell my permit when I leave UNC?
No, all UNC parking permits are non-transferable and issued solely for the use of the applicant. These permits remain the property of UNC Parking Services. They may not be sold, given or loaned to anyone else.