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Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions. Depending on the question, there may be information specific to either First-Year (new first-time to college) students, Transfer & Nontraditional students, or Parents & Support People. They will be indicated by bold text.

  • I have been admitted to UNC. What do I do now?

    Remember: You must have made your enrollment confirmation through the Office of Admissions. If the orientation system is open already, an email is sent to your BearMail within two business days (Monday - Friday) after you have made your enrollment confirmation, letting you know you have access to the orientation system.


    For all new incoming UNC students, you must make log in to the orientation system through our website to be able to choose an Orientation date. Reservations cannot be accepted over the phone.

    For incoming First-Year students starting in Summer or Fall, you will make your reservation to attend an in-person two-day First-Year Orientation through our Orientation system. Once logged in, you will complete Pre-Orientation before selecting a session date.

    For incoming Transfer & Nontraditional students, you will first complete Online Orientation when it becomes available and this can be accessed through the Orientation system. There are optional in-person Transfer and Nontraditional Student Welcome sessions that you can make a reservation for upon completing Online Orientation. Advising and registration must be done by contacting your advisor or attending the Welcome; details for your major will be given to you once online Orientation is completed. Undergraduate Admissions also provides a helpful checklist for admitted transfer students.

    For incoming First-Year students starting in Spring, you will make your reservation to attend an in-person Orientation through our Orientation system. Once logged in, you will complete Pre-Orientation before selecting a session date.

  • Am I required to attend an Orientation session on the UNC campus?

    For incoming First-Year students, you are required to attend the in-person Orientation session on campus and you will be able to register for classes at that time.

    For Transfer & Nontraditional students, you will complete the requirement by concluding Online Orientation. Attending an in-person Transfer & Nontraditional session on campus is optional, as long as you can communicate with your advisor via phone, email, or individual appointment for advising. Depending on your major, you may have to attend Transfer & Nontraditional Welcome to receive advising. Details regarding advising by major are given at the end of your Online Orientation.

    For Parents and those who are supporting a new UNC Bear, Parent Orientation is not required, however it is highly encouraged. Students have many other support systems (spouse, friend, extended family, etc.) so anyone who wishes to attend is welcome. This is an opportunity for those who would like to learn more information about their students’ transition to UNC, and resources to help them support their student as they begin the transition into college life. Take a look at the schedule to determine if it would be beneficial to attend, and discuss this with your student.

  • What’s the difference between First-Year, Nontraditional and Transfer students?

    First-Year students are those who recently graduated from high school and have not previously attended college. High school students who have completed college coursework while in high school are still considered first-time to college, new First-Year students.

    Typically, "nontraditional" refers to students 25 years of age or older. If you consider yourself a nontraditional student (such as: you have dependents, are a military veteran, etc.), please contact our office to discuss the option to complete Online Orientation and attend the Transfer and Nontraditional Welcome.

    Transfer students are those who are bringing in credits from a previous college or university.

  • How do I decide which session to sign up for, and are students and parents required to attend the same session?

    For students, this is decided by your student type (first-year, transfer), as well as major and what specific college this major is under. Certain colleges have specific session dates which students should attend.

    For parents and/or support people attending Parent Orientation, you will attend the same orientation session that your student is attending, and your reservation will be attached with your student’s in the Orientation reservation system. If students and parents cannot attend the same session, that’s OK! Schedules don’t always match up and we understand that. Because the parents’ reservation is tied to the student’s reservation, parents will simply need to contact New Student Orientation if they plan to attend a different session than their student.

  • I have decided to double-major, what session should I choose?

    Students will only be advised in one of their majors during Orientation. You should reach out to the advisor in the other major on your own outside of Orientation. Some majors may have strict course paths, so you will need to visit with both advisors for the fall semester registration. If you would like to call our office for more advice, we would be happy to help!

  • When should I attend Orientation if I don’t live in Colorado?

    We understand that it is not always convenient to make multiple trips out-of-state in a few short months. Thankfully, a session is offered the week before classes begin. For students entering in the Fall, this session is in August, and for those who are entering in the Spring, this session is offered in January.

  • Will a confirmation email for my reservation be sent?

    Once a reservation is complete and submitted, you (as well as any Support People who have reservations for Parent Orientation) will receive an email confirming the reservation and will include details regarding the reservation. We are also happy to confirm the reservation over the phone or through email as well provided it is coming from you directly as the student!

  • What if I need to change or cancel my reservation?

    For students, reservations for a session (including changes to any parents/support people and accommodations) can be changed or canceled by logging back into the Orientation system. Reservations will be locked and closed four business days (Monday-Friday) prior the session at which time, changes or cancellation will no longer be able to be made.

    For parents and support people, the same process applies and your student will need to log in with their username and password to cancel. Changes can be made at no extra cost and as many times as needed; however, there is a 10% non-refundable fee included in every payment transaction at time of reservation. You will receive a payment credit minus 10% if you cancel a reservation. To insure the refund is received, please have your student email New Student Orientation at orientation@unco.edu through their BearMail so we can assure this happens.

    For students canceling a reservation for LaUNCh, refer to the LaUNCh webpage for accurate dates of when refunds are at all possible. Typically, half of the LaUNCh cost is non-refundable from the time of your completed reservation submission. About a month out before the LaUNCh session is when no refund is available. Please contact New student Orientation at orientation@unco.edu with any questions or concerns. Again, refer to the LaUNCh webpage for specific details and dates as the refund dates vary by LaUNCh session.

  • What happens if I cannot attend the entire length of my in-person Orientation session?

    All new incoming first-year students are required and expected to participate in every aspect of New Student Orientation. This means first-year students entering Summer or Fall are expected to attend the entire two days and first-year students entering Spring are expected to attend the entire day. For our Summer Orientation Sessions, there are multiple session dates in order to ensure that incoming first-year students are able to receive all of the benefits that are offered at First-Year Orientation.

  • Will I have some time to visit campus offices?

    If you are a parent or support person attending Parent Orientation, there is some time during Day One for you to visit campus offices, check into overnight accommodations, visit the bookstore, etc. Some meetings will require the presence of students (i.e. Disability Resource Center) so there will be a little time after your student's Orientation session, as students are required to attend all parts of their Orientation.

    For students, you will have some time after advising and registration to visit other offices. Note that depending on the length it may take for you to register for classes, your time available to visit may vary.

  • How much does attending Orientation cost?

    For students, there are no upfront costs for Orientation as they are encompassed in the Student Success Fee that is paid as a part of your tuition and fees, and this also includes other important items such as tutoring for the entire time you are a student at UNC.

    For Parents and Support People, there is a fee that will include meals throughout the session, a reusable tote bag that is useful for carrying handouts during the session and a calendar with important dates and events relating specifically to UNC. The cost will vary depending on the session. Refer to the Parents & Support People webpage for more information on costs.

  • Do I need to purchase a parking permit or pay for parking during Orientation?

    No, there is free parking available at a specific parking lot during your Orientation session. For more information, click on your student type (first-year, transfer) on the orientation website, then scroll down until you get to the parking section. There is no need to park anywhere else during Orientation, but if you wish to park somewhere else other than the parking lot specifically for your Orientation, you will need to buy a pass from one of the daily parking dispensers.

  • When will I sign up for classes?

    You will sign up for classes in a group setting, and a faculty or professional advisor will help you select and register for classes at Orientation. Note that the advisor you meet with may not be your assigned advisor.

    For Transfer & Nontraditional students, details will be given about advising by major upon completion of Online Orientation.

  • Who is able to attend advising and registration?

    Only students will attend advising and registration at Orientation.

    For parents and support people, you will have your own sessions occurring during the time students are being advised and registering. This is not only for the intentional independence of the students but also for room space capacity. Students and their support systems are encouraged to discuss the academic schedule before and after Orientation. Students are able to make changes to their schedule until the add/drop date, and this can be done from an off campus computer so they are not locked into their schedule when they leave Orientation!

  • If I cannot attend until the last session, will I still have a good selection of classes?

    Academic offices attempt to keep seats open. However, there is no guarantee that your top class choices will still be available. Our faculty and professional advisors and student leader staff will help you build your schedule as best we can; we will make sure you leave with a full schedule of classes that contribute toward your degree requirements. Remember your schedule can be altered up until the first week of the semester and more details regarding this will be discussed during Orientation sessions.

  • Who do I contact for disability accommodations?

    If you are a student with a physical or learning disability and require any special accommodations for Orientation, please contact Disability Resource Center at 970-351-2289. If you wish to utilize the DSS videophone, please call 970-373-5303. This request will be reviewed by Disability Resource Center and New Student Orientation. However, it is possible for there to be some accommodations in which the University may not be able to meet directly.

  • If I need to arrive on campus in advance or stay after orientation is over, where can I stay?

    During the summer, students who arrive early or need to stay after orientation has ended will need to find overnight accommodations elsewhere, such as at a hotel near UNC. There are many local hotels in Greeley available and close to UNC.

  • Where will those attending Orientation stay overnight?

    During summer sessions (except for any August sessions), First-Year students stay in a residence hall together and are paired with other students attending Orientation.

    If you require a single occupancy room during First-Year Orientation because of safety concerns or gender identity, please email the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center at gsrc@unco.edu. For further questions and information in regard to gender identity, feel free to reach out to the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center. This request must be emailed no later than four business days (Monday - Friday) prior to your First-Year Orientation, and will be reviewed by the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center and New Student Orientation.

    We do not allow any guests to stay with the students for their safety, which includes parents, support people, siblings, partners, and friends.

    During the summer for parents and support people attending Orientation, there is an on-campus option (except for any August sessions) that is a residence hall converted into hotel-like accommodations for various visitors to the campus. The room prices are typically cheaper than what you would pay at a hotel, but keep in mind that you could share common space (bathroom, lounge, etc.) with other support people at Parent Orientation. Your student can register you for this option when they make their Orientation reservation. If preferred, parents and those supporting new bears are welcome to make an off-site hotel reservation. There are many choices in Greeley, including several within 5 miles of campus. Visit our list of hotels for links to all of these choices.

    During the summer, transfer and nontraditional students do not stay overnight while attending Orientation due to the shorter session length.

    First-Year students and Transfer and Nontraditional students attending Orientation in November or January, do not stay overnight while attending Orientation due to the shorter session length.

  • During Orientation, will I be able to tour the room I am assigned to in the Fall?

    If you are attending a First-Year Orientation during the Summer, you will get a chance to tour some of the residence halls during a session. Note that it will be a showroom, which may not be the specific hall or room type you are assigned to.

    If you are attending a First-Year Orientation in November for January, as well any Transfer & Nontraditional Welcome, there are no opportunities during the orientation session to tour a room.

    Floor plans and pictures are available on the Housing & Residential Education website to assist students in planning.

  • What should I bring with me to Orientation?

    We have a list of items that students should bring with them on the student pages but nothing is required of you. You can find the list in the 'Checklist' tab of your student type within the Orientation website. You should dress comfortably and wear shoes to walk in. We will provide handouts, a pen, and a bag to carry everything. Participants also like to shop at our coffee shops, convenience store, bookstore, etc. in the University Center, so plan to bring a few extra dollars if you intend to shop.

  • Can I bring young children with me to Orientation and/or is there a place to feed my infant?

    While we do not recommend bringing young children to Orientation sessions as we do not provide any programming options or daycare, we understand this may be your only option. They are certainly welcome and we will not charge you the extra cost (provided you will be responsible for food), and you may pay for their lunch on your own at the entrance of the dining facilities.

    If you have an infant, The University of Northern Colorado offers two Lactation Stations where mothers can feed their infants or express breast milk in a private and quiet space. The University Center, where the majority of Orientation sessions are located, has a Lactation Station on the 3rd floor, near the Panorama Room. For more information, please contact the Women’s Resource Center at 970-351-1492 or check out their website.

  • I am a Parent/Support Person and I am not attending Orientation with my student, where can I drop off and pick up my student?

    You may drop your student off for check in at the University Center, which is on the corner of 10th Ave and 20th St. Students will be done after class registration and times will vary. We recommend picking up at 4 p.m. at the University Center. If you would like to be with your student during check-in or while waiting to pick up, parking is available during Orientation. To find the specific parking information for your student's Orientation, select your student's student type on the orientation website, then scroll down until you get to the parking information.

    Please note — you will not be able to attend advising and registration with your student, however there are multiple places in the University Center to sit and relax until your student is finished.

  • How do I learn more about changing my preferred name?

    Visit the Registrar's website to learn more information about name changes.