Shawn Williams
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California state outline

Santa Clara, CA

Area of Study
Doctor of Arts - Jazz Studies

Why did you choose UNC?

The support of faculty and colleagues is incredible.

The reputation of the jazz program as well as the music department and the opportunity to teach at the school through the teaching assistantship offered to me. The environment and community was also a factor. The support of faculty and colleagues is incredible – everyone goes out of their way to help one another better themselves. I'm provided everything I need in order to help me succeed and become the best musician and educator possible.

When you're not studying or in class, what do you like to do?

I like to exercise and stay physically active – running, lifting weights, swimming, hiking, etc. I recently discovered rock climbing and am hoping to explore this new activity. I also enjoy graphic design. If I wasn't pursuing music, this would probably be something that I would do instead. I love being creative by means of digital art.

When did you first feel at home at UNC?

I first came to visit UNC to visit good friends of mine that I use to perform in a traveling jazz orchestra with (Glenn Miller Orchestra). They're both affiliated with the jazz program at UNC. They encouraged me to come out to visit them in Colorado and eventually convinced me to apply for the program. Having them out here makes me feel like I belong here. The friends and faculty that I have met since beginning my studies has also made me feel a sense of home and belonging.