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Minnesota state outline

Orono, Minnesota

After touring a few schools, I knew that UNC was the right fit for me.

Why did you choose UNC?

I came to Colorado from Minnesota after my big brother, Max, chose to go to a university in Denver. After touring a few schools, I knew that UNC was the right fit for me. I loved the balance between having small classes at a mid-size university with big-school amenities and opportunities. The extremely reputable education program was also a major plus. 

When you’re not studying or in class, what do you like to do?

I love going out on hikes and exploring beautiful Colorado with my boyfriend, Kellen, and our dog, Simon. I also really enjoy crocheting and love coming up with acoustic renditions of old and new songs. 

When did you first feel at home at UNC?

I was super fortunate to be part of the CUMBRES program, and lived in the adorable house on central campus, Belford. It was very small, and we all had classes together, so we quickly bonded walking/carpooling to class together and having study sessions. Having the opportunity to be part of a such a close-knit community quickly made me feel at home at UNC. 

What’s your best advice for a student who is trying to decide on a college?

Go with your gut! When you know it’s right, you know it’s right. UNC is the only school I applied to because I knew it was the right fit for me. Trust your intuition.