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Texas state outline

Paris, Texas

Area of Study
International Affairs with a political economy emphasis
Minors in Africana Studies and Economics

Why did you choose UNC?

I originally chose UNC because my brother came here as a transfer student. He came back home for a semester and said I should come to UNC. I’d just finished a year at a junior college so I was kind of ready for a new adventure, and I’d heard UNC had a really good business program.

The best advice I can give you is get plugged in.

Did you always know what you wanted to study?

I didn’t always know what I wanted to do. Originally, I started out focusing on cinematography, and then I went on a missions trip to Malawi, Africa, and realized I had a love for the international world. That’s when I came to UNC and realized that I wanted to focus on the world by studying International Affairs.

When did you first feel at home at UNC?

I first felt at home my second semester, when I got two on-campus jobs, and I just started to get a lot more involved. I learned to really love the people and the atmosphere around here and ever since I’ve been really thankful. I worked at the financial aid office my second semester and also worked at the rec center, so I got to meet a lot of people that way. I held a councilor position within student senate for my junior year, then became student body president. On campus right now, I’m involved in Young Life, which is a Christian organization, we just hang out, we have fun, and that’s what I love about it, just to build community with other people, on campus.

What's your best advice for a student who is trying to decide on a college?

The best advice I can give you is get plugged in. I’ve just really loved my experience here at UNC – everything from the people to the resources. There are always people who love to do the same things as you. Look to see what kind of involvement activities a university has, their clubs and organizations and what there is to do in the surrounding community.