Jason Keller
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Colorado state outline

Highlands Ranch, CO

Area of Study

Why did you choose UNC?

UNC felt "humble" to me. The campus is the perfect size, and I'm not a face in the crowd. It doesn't feel like anyone – students, faculty or staff – are walking around like they're too good to be here. It's the kind of atmosphere that's allowed me to not just enjoy college, but to thrive in college.

When you're not studying or in class, what do you like to do?

I'm a part of a few clubs on campus that are all about creative writing or reading, so I like to spend time there. In my downtime, I love collecting music and audio gear, writing short stories, and more recently, programming.

When did you first feel at home at UNC?

It was probably midway through my freshman year. I'd made a close group of friends, figured out my living arrangements and was just spending time on campus with great people. I found my niche in writing, mostly spending time with English majors or faculty, and then joining a creative writing club, and later, the lit-mag.

It isn't always about the degree.

What's your best advice for a student who is trying to decide on a college?

It isn't always about the degree. Most colleges will have the degree you're looking for. Think about your wants and needs, and what's going to help you thrive and get the most out of your college experience.