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Day Care Resources

Qualistar Colorado childcare services

For additional resources please visit the following websites:

University Center Lockers

University Center Lockers are located on the 1st Level adjacent to the Wells Fargo bank branch and across the walkway from Munchy Mart and are available for both long-term rental and daily use. The lockers can be accessed during the same hours as the UC Computer Commons.

Daily use lockers are free to all students while they are using the University Center facilities and services. Daily lockers are numbered 31-45, utilize the same digital locks found on lockers in the Campus Recreation Center, and are simple and fast to use. All daily lockers are cleared of their contents at 6 AM, Monday-Friday. Removed items can be retrieved in Off-Campus Life during regular business hours or by appointment.

Long-term rentals are available to all students who reside off-campus at the following rates:

  • Semester - $15
  • Academic Year - $25
  • Summer - $10