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UNC Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) Nomination Form
Deadline for Submitting this form: Friday, February 15, 2013


    The SEOTY Award is established to recognize a student employee who embodies service excellence, dedication, & whose academic achievements remain stellar.

      Eligibility Criteria:

      Part-time or full-time students enrolled at UNC who are employed in student-level positions on or off campus. Nominees may be undergraduate or graduate students that have been or will be employed for a one semester length of time by February 15th, 2013. Graduate, Teaching, or Research Assistants are not eligible for this award.

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        Please describe in detail the accomplishments of the nominee in the areas below that you feel qualifies the employee to be considered for the Student Employee of the Year award. Give specific examples of the nominee's achievements and contributions that influenced your nomination.

        • Reliability
        • Initiative
        • Uniqueness of Contribution
        • Quality of Work
        • Professionalism
        • Community and Campus Service
        • Any Additional Comments

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