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Opportunities for Faculty & Staff

From their first day on campus until they celebrate their graduation, the success of every STEM student at UNC is the collective responsibility of the faculty, staff, and administrators. We recognize that to be successful, students need to be challenged to achieve in an environment which supports them. Our commitment is the creation of academic spaces—within and beyond the classroom—that are intentionally inclusive and in which all students can thrive.  

We off a year-long workshop series to help faculty create inclusive classrooms that allow you to become an ally and advocate.

Contact Us

Want to learn more about STEM IEC? Contact us via email at STEM.IEC@unco.edu 

Being Equity Minded

Being equity-minded requires us to be aware of student identities, including race, gender, socioeconomic status, and generational status —many of which may be different from our own.  Claiming not to see differences devalues the experiences of our students.  We seek to to identify inequities in access, persistence, and success by using disaggregated data; to reflect on policies and practices for unintended consequences; to view our academic spaces through the eyes of all students, not just through the white, upper-class, male lens that is predominant in academia; and for each of us to exercise our individual agencies to close equity gaps.

Adapted from CUE

Inclusive Excellence Teacher Scholar Program

STEM faculty are participating as Inclusive Excellence (IE) Teacher-Scholars in a series of workshops to increase knowledge and awareness of equity-minded classroom practices.

The workshop series includes a two-day kickoff meeting and 10 three-hour meetings throughout each academic year and will be run each year through 2022.

Each workshop is action oriented, and provides IE Teacher-Scholars with a tool box of approaches and practices and the support to implement change to transform their classrooms.

NHS Leadership Team Workshops

The Center Director and Co-Directors work directly with administrators including the directors and chairs of the academic departments in STEM and in the Health Sciences, as well as the Dean, Associate Dean, Assistant Dean, and staff of the College of Natural and Health Sciences.

These administrators participate in workshops to identify and explore equity and equity gaps in the college, explore elements of inclusive classrooms and how to support faculty engaged in equity work, and an equity-minded approach to artifacts such as websites, marketing materials, and emails can impact a student’s sense of belong and scientific identity—and therefore success.


We offer a stipened of $2,500 for faculty to participate in the IE TS workshop series.  Registration is closed for the year. Applications for the 2020-2021 cohort will open in early Spring.