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Policy & Advocacy

Inclusive Excellence requires us to advocate for changes in institutional policies.  We hope these resources will help you in your role as an agent for change.

Impacting Hiring Policies

Faculty Hiring Toolkit

The Center for Urban education (CUE) shared their Faculty Hiring Toolkit with us as part of our train-the-trainer workshop series.  Having a more diverse faculty and staff is an important step towards an inclusive campus:

  • Introduction: Includes background data and a list of five competencies of equity-minded practitioners
  • Part 1: Equity-minded job announcements
  • Part 2: Interrogating bias by conceptualizing merit, fit, and compliance
  • Part 3: Strategies for disrupting inequitable hiring practices
  • Part 4: Addressing faculty retention through equitable campus culture
  • Additional Resources: Includes a discussion related to part time faculty hiring, answers to FAOs and list of next steps.

Reference:  Center for Urban Education. (2017).  Institute on Equity in Faculty hiring at Community College Toolkit.  Los Angeles, CA: rosier School of Education, University of Southern California

Implicit Bias Training for All Committee Members

Understanding how implicit boas impacts the hiring process is an essential step towards equity in faculty hiring.  The University of Oregon has a stated goal for increasing faculty diversity and have explicit expected practices which includes (but is not limited to) a required workshop for all members of faculty search committees.  

Learn more about the workshop and watch a recording