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Greeley Veterans' Stand Down Day

                Weld County Veterans’ Stand Down Day made us (RSVP) proud to be part of such an event.  Retired Senior Volunteer Program of Weld County hosted an event for Homeless Veterans in Weld County on April 7, 2017 at Island Grove Pavilion, 501 N 14th Ave in Greeley.  This event is designed to serve veterans who are struggling and in need of services giving them a hand up not a hand out.

                The Event was funded by the U.S. Labor Department, the Veteran’s Administration of Cheyenne, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of Evans, the Union Colony Exchange Club of Greeley and RSVP in providing over 25 services to all veterans.  Information, housing, resume’s, employment information, legal services, social security information, federal support and information, medical care, mental health care, chaplaincy and emergency information.  Free toiletries of all kinds, haircuts, bicycle repair, blood pressure checks were also made available.  There was plenty of encouragement around on the day of honoring our veterans.  Volunteers from Veteran’s Service of the University of Northern Colorado and Aims Community College gave their time and energy, as well as many veterans who volunteer for RSVP assisted in making this a memorable event.  The Greeley Police officers from the Community Outreach Department offered their assistance and we thank them for their time. 

                We had the kitchen stocked and open with coffee from Starbucks, cookies from Subway and Eileen’s Cookies, breakfast burritos from Palominos donuts form Red Dogs and pizza from Empire and Domino’s Pizza.

                Last of all, we need to show appreciation to our RSVP seniors who worked with us to ensure this day was a success for all.  We love our RSVP volunteers.  We at RSVP are 650 strong in numbers and reach out in many ways to serve our Greeley Community.  If you don’t know about RSVP.  I invite you to call the office and find out.  We as a community came together and made a difference.  Thank you for helping us serve those who served us proudly. 

Thanks again,