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Community Service

Most individuals who are interested in healthcare are driven by a desire to help others. One way to show this desire and practice it is through community service. There is a wide range of opportunities for community service while in college. Students should choose an area that interests them and get involved in it. This should be more than just volunteering to "look good on applications".  This should be a way for you to give back to your community in an area that you are passionatie about.  If you have a skill set that is helpful, use it. Speak a foreign language? Work as an interpreter. Good at sports? Volunteer as a coach or referee. Like working with kids? Volunteer as a tutor in a local school. Good at working with your hands? Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. Find what you love to do and use it help those in need. Medical schools want students who demonstrate compassion and not those who just talk about it.

One place to get started is the Volunteer Opportunities site here at UNC.