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2013 Symposium

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO December 10, 2013

Included here are recommendations in a report, information about Colorado's STEM Teacher Preparation Programs, and the presentations from Charles Coble, Yee-Ann Cho, Amber Ptak, Violeta Garcia, and Leslie Colwell.

Over 75 participants attended this symposium.  Participants represented 1) STEM teacher preparation programs at colleges and universities; 2) school districts and BOCES involved with alternative licensure programs for STEM teachers; 3) state agencies involved with teacher preparation and licensure; 4) legislators concerned with education, teacher quality, and economic growth of Colorado; and, 5) non-profit organizations involved with addressing the concerns of STEM workforce demands in Colorado.  The sponsors for this event were Gill Foundation’s Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado, Colorado Department of Education, Colorado Department of Higher Education, the Colorado Legacy Foundation, and University of Northern Colorado. 

Report of the 2013 Colorado STEM Teacher Preparation Symposium

2013 Symposium Agenda

2013 Symposium Participants

2013 Coble Presentation

2013 Cho, Ptak, Garcia, and Colwell Presentation

2013 Colorado's STEM Teacher Preparation Programs, Abstracts