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NOYCE Scholarship and Internship Programs

As a national leader in the field of teacher education, UNC received a $1.2 million grant award from the National Science Foundation. Under the leadership of Dr. Robert Reinsvold (PI, Biological Sciences), Dr. Valerie Middleton (Co-PI, Teacher Education), and Dr. Lori Reinsvold (Program Coordinator, MAST Institute), the Noyce Scholarship and Noyce Internship Programs support and prepare UNC mathematics and science majors who are pursuing careers in secondary teaching to teach in high-need school districts, especially in rural areas. This grant began in Fall 2010 and will end August 2016, and all scholarships have been awarded.

These programs are housed in the MAST Institute and Dr. Julie Sexton is the Program Evaluator.

Over 64 Noyce Interns have participated in the Internship program.  Thirty-eight UNC NOYCE Scholars have graduated and are teaching mathematics or science.

 This project is funded by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1035333. 

NOYCE Teachers

These NOYCE Teachers are teaching science and mathematics in high-need schools in the United States.

Biology Scholars

Karen Allnutt

Lauren Burns

Stephanie Clark

Jill Crookshanks
Ambery Fryar

Shannon Gilam

Tamara Kaler

Elizabeth Lockwood

Hannah Mueller

Matt Nolen

Amy Ordaz

Deidra Shutte

Kayla Sommers

Alexis Tanner

Paige Taylor

Lindsey Terry

Danielle Thuringer

Cassandra Waldrom

Makla Woods


Chemistry Scholars

Gwen McIrvin

Alicyn Roberson

Makala Woods

Earth Science Scholars

Jacqueline Medfords

Mathematics Scholars

 Anthony Bruhl 

 Molly Finnegan

 Paige Frederick  

Amanda Godwin 

Taylor Hall

 Rebecca Hoy 

Kayla Johnson

Thomas Klausner

Linley Miller

Liberty Nichols

Robert Thompson

Melissa Waller

Melissa Wyckoff