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Todd Dallegge

Todd Dallegge

Adjunct Instructor

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Natural and Health Sciences

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Professional/Academic Experience

After 15+ years in the petroleum industry, I am currently the Senior Geologist/Geological Advisor for Jonah Energy in Denver. I started my career with Phillips Petroleum in Anchorage, Alaska, but was moved to Houston, Texas, following the merge that created ConocoPhillips. I worked on a variety of global and U.S. exploration and development prospects during my time with ConocoPhillips. More recently I have worked at small- to mid-sized independents on a variety of U.S. unconventional resource plays in Wyoming, Utah, Montana and Colorado, but some of my favorite roles have been as an industry geoscience recruiter, intern supervisor/mentor and educator of young geoscience professionals.

Research/Areas of Interest

My educational/research background is in chronostratigraphy, coal bed methane and basin analysis. I have always had a strong fascination for the Cenozoic Era and badlands topography. I grew up hiking and motorcycle riding in the White River Group badlands in NE Colorado and spent my graduate studies looking at Miocene rocks on the Colorado Plateau and Cenozoic strata in Cook Inlet, Alaska.

I am passionate about energy education for the general public and my continued involvement with academic institutions to help them develop tomorrow’s students for the “new” energy industry. I am thrilled to be a part of the faculty here at UNC to give back to the department that started it all for me.

Publications/Creative Works

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