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Earth and Atmospheric Science Program Mission

Our Discipline‚Äôs Emphasis Areas: Environmental Science, Geology, Meteorology, and Secondary Education in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Our Mission: To inspire our students and mentor them in their scientific investigations of our planet and beyond. 

We accomplish our mission in three ways:

Our Classes

We strive to provide the best earth science education in the region. Our classes provide our students with variety in earth science emphasis areas. This variety includes courses that give pre-professional Earth Scientists essential background and authentic experiences, that prepare future school teachers, and that fulfill the Liberal Arts Core requirements. 

Our Creativity

The intellectual curiosity and creativity of our faculty is expressed through rigorous and significant esearch, including externally supported activities. Our investigations and initiatives keep us on the forefront of scientific exploration. Our expertise is key in facilitating undergraduate and graduate research experiences as well as making our classrooms engaging and challenging environments.

Our Commitment

Together, our faculty and students serve our college, our campus, and our community pertaining to our interest in earth science. We maintain professional affiliations and support our students in their professional development through participation in campus, community, and national organizations. We serve as advisors to local schools and organizations. We also work diligently to maintain the laboratory environments, computer resources, and field equipment that comprise the tools to provide the best experience we can offer our students.