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MPH Master's Project

Students in the MPH (Community Health Education concentration) at UNC are required to successfully complete a Master’s Project (CHBH 6860). This 2 credit hour course culminates in an independent project in which the student demonstrates practical knowledge and acquisition of both core and track-specific MPH competencies.

Aspects of the course include:

  • Class work that builds presentation skills and requires reflection on competencies acquired throughout the MPH program
  • Completion of a final paper that summarizes the Master’s Project experience and describes the progression from competencies gained through coursework, practicum and project experiences
  • Delivery of oral and poster results of the Master’s Project at the UNC Research Symposium and the ColoradoSPH Public Health Forum

Projects should be specific to the student’s MPH concentration area. It is expected that the completion of the Master’s Project will require a minimum of 60 hours in addition to the completion of the 150-300 hour Practicum course.

In order to optimize the student’s public health experience in the MPH program, it is strongly recommended that the project be related to, emanate from, or culminate the efforts and work of the practicum experience. The student is expected to have an independent role in the development and completion of the project, in collaboration with others in the agency or organization. Projects should demonstrate the planning, organization, communication and cultural competency skills of the MPH program. Master’s Project faculty will meet with students at the project’s mid-point to facilitate its development.

For more information, please contact Teresa Sharp, Master’s Project Coordinator.

Colorado SPH