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ETS Exams

The ETS exam is required for graduation of biology majors. 

Who needs to take the ETS exam?

As a biology major, you will need to take the ETS exam in the last semester of your senior year. The ETS is a graduation requirement which means that you will not graduate unless you take the exam.

Do I need to study for the ETS exam?

No -- your score on this exam does not appear on your diploma, and it does not impact your GPA. The scores are used only by the School of Biological Sciences for comparison purposes to measure of how well we are doing as a biology program relative to the many other biology programs across the country.

When do I need to take the ETS exam?

If you are a biology major, you need to take the ETS exam in the last semester of your senior year. You will need to schedule an appointment to take the exam by calling Career Services (970-351-2790). Be sure to make an appointment well in advance. Don't wait until the end of the semester because the appointment times may fill up.

Where do I go to take the ETS exam?

The ETS exam is offered at Career Services in the University Center, room 2166. No walk-in exams are offered. You must make an appointment ahead of time by calling 970-351-2790.

How long will the exam take?

The exam will take approximately two hours to complete, but you should plan for 2.5 hours of time because of required additional paperwork, etc.