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Below are courses Dr. Pullen offers at UNC and has offered at other institutions, back to Spring 2012, as the instructor-of-record.  Prior to 2012 at VCU he also covered selected lectures/labs in Chemical Biology (Ph.D.-level), Cancer Biology (undergraduate), Neuroanatomy (pharmacy), Histology (Ph.D.-level), and Gross Anatomy (Dental, DPT, and Medical).

UNC Courses

  • BIO 110: Principles of Biology (F16, S17, F17, F19 syllabus)
  • BIO 245: Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology (S18, S19, S20 syllabus)
  • BIO 481: Introduction to Neurobiology (Su18, Su19 syllabus)
  • BIO 553: Advanced Systemic Physiology: Control Systems** (S17, F17, S18, F18, S19, F19, S20 syllabus)
  • BIO 491: Seminar in Biological Sciences (F16 syllabus)

**named "Mammalian Physiology II" until Fall 2018.  Only the name of this course changed, content is the same (certain topics in human medical physiology).


Past Courses

  • CHEM 102: General Chemistry (syllabus