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Undergraduate Students

Over 50 undergraduate students have worked on projects in the lab, and several are first authors or co-authors on publications. UNC has a long-standing and strong tradition of inclusion of students in the creation of new knowledge, and participation in faculty research programs is one of the best ways to ensure a deep connection to one's education. Recent participants include:

Castilleja Olmsted worked in the lab during summer of 2017, assisting with proteomic analyses of Crotalus viridis and Crotalus oreganus venoms as part of an NSF-funded project. Originally from Greeley CO, she is a senior at Earlham College in Richmond and will be graduating in spring 2017. Cassie spent a semester overseas as a student in Granada, Spain, and she is fluent in Spanish. She is currently applying to graduate schools and is particularly interested in plant biology, species interactions, ecology and conservation biology. Outside of the University, her interests include dance, martial arts and equestrian activities.

Castilleja Olmsted

 Kaye Cassie and Cathy

Keira Lopez

Keira Lopez

  Keira Lopez started working in the lab in fall 2017, assisting with enzyme assays and electrophoretic characterization of several different snake venoms, and she currently lives in Windsor, CO. As an undergraduate she is double majoring in biology and chemistry with an emphasis in pre-health. She loves science and it is her goal to immerse herself in her studies by taking a wide diversity of classes before she goes to medical school. She would like to become a pediatric surgeon one day but she is open to considering other areas in medicine. Outside of the lab and University she likes to practice martial arts and dance, and she enjoys reading and writing as well.