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Ann Hawkinson

Ann Hawkinson

Assistant Professor

School of Biological Sciences
Natural and Health Sciences

Contact Information

Ross Hall, Room 1530
Office Hours
MW 2:30- 3:30
Mailing Address
501 20th Street, Greeley, CO 80639


Research/Areas of Interest

My research interests are mostly focused on virus: host interactions in small mammals and the immune response to infection. In my lab, we examine virus-host interactions of Sin Nombre virus (SNV) in deer mice, Modoc virus (MODV) in deer mice, and Tacaribe virus (TCRV) in Jamaican fruit bats. I have recently begun a collaborative project with Dr. Richard Hyslop (Dept. of Chemistry, UNC) trying to isolate genes from bacterial and fungal cell lines that could be used in the development of an anti-cancer drug delivery system.

Publications/Creative Works

Peer-reviewed research publications

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