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Franklin Lab Students

Meet some of the past and present students from my lab.

Past Students

Randi Lupardus - PhD now a post doc in Canada; Randi examined the volatile organic compounds around fracking well sites and also their impacts on plant communities


Daniel Beverly - MS now persuing a PhD; Dna studied the CO2 flux in various silviculture treaments folowing bark beetles

Daniel Beverly

Mario Bretfeld - PhD currently a Post Doc - Mario studied various aspects of aspen ecology


Courtney Rayle - MS and went on to MS in Chemical Education; Courtney studied the relationship between bamboo and fire in the mountains of China using phytoliths and charcoal from soil cores


Michael Schiebout - PhD currently a professor at Union University in Jackson, TN; Michael studied short grass steppe restoration and grazing impacts


James Moore - PhD currently the Chair of Biology at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN; James studied community dynamics in relation to flooding on Mississippi River Islands.


Margaret Cirtain - PhD currently the laboratory coordinator at South Carolina University; Margaret studied the ecology of canebrakes and propagation techniques to restore canebrakes


Current Students

Gwen Scheider - Current MS student studying sagebrush restoration success