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Research For The Curious

The documentary Disturbing the Peace highlights the efforts of individuals from both sides of the Palestinian-Iranian conflict to develop a peaceful resolution. After watching this documentary and attending a workshop by the director and producer on conflict resolution (their organization Reconsider develops such workshops) where they described the first step to resolution as curiousity, such transparent data pages describing research projects related to local conflicts seemed like a good idea. By curious, Stephen Apkon and Marcina Hale stress that truly curious people are open-minded and wanting to understand both sides of a conflict. While the data from these research projects describes neither both sides nor the entirety of either side, I hope it helps your curious quest for knowledge about difficult conflict issues in Colorado.

Fracking and VOC

Hydraulic Fracking

These data have been taken from a location near the Bella Romero School in Greeley CO to discern the amount of VOCs from a nearby fracking site.

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