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Past Research Projects

While I still work some with leftover data from these projects, my main effort is on previous projects.

MS river aerial

Mississippi River Ecology

We examined the changes in hydrology from pre to post-engineering, the dynamics of vegetation on islands, and the topography-vegetation relationships on floodplains and islands.


Milpas of Belize

This projects examined the landscape and local factors that affect succession on fallow milpas in Belize.


Fire Ecology of Eastern Deciduous Forests

With a field-based, replicated design, we examined the effects of burning on eastern deciduous oak-dominated forests.


Bamboo Ecology in the Qinling Mountains, China

We examined the impacts of giant pand foraging on bamboo, the clonal integration of bmaboo, and the temporal dynamics of bamboo in relation to fire.


Old-Field Succession

We examined old-field succession at teh Meeman Biological Field Station, attempting to separate the impacts of dusturbance frequency and intensity.

channelEffects of Channelization on Western Tennessee Tributaries

We examined hydrologic regimes, community composition, and ecosystem services of tributaries in various states of anthropogenic impact and used the data to improve the hydrologic model for the region.


Mastication Impacts on Forest Understory

We examined the composition, diversity, and spatial structure of understory communities wiht various treatment, including mastication, fire, and thinning.


Ecological Impacts of Hurricane Katrina

We examined the nutrients of soil and water bodies within and outside the the surge zone immediately and up to 16 months following Hurrican Katrina. We also examined vegetation composition within these zones and compared hydric and nonhydric locations.


Trillium Population Dynamics

We have followed the dynamics of one trillium population since 1990 at the Meeman Biological Field Station, Western TN.